How to Retrieve WAEC Exam Number Online


Are you looking for how to retrieve your WAEC exam number online? If you have misplaced your WAEC examination number, you won’t be able to check your WAEC result online or get a physical copy of your WAEC certificate.

In this article, you will learn how to retrieve your WAEC exam number without going to the WAEC office in the state you reside.

What is WAEC Examination Number?

The West African Examination Council gives a number to each student that registers for any of its exams. The 10-digit exam numbers are unique to each candidate in a given exam year.

The numbers can be found on the application printout after successfully registering for a WAEC exam, on the WAEC identity card given during the exams or on the WAEC result.

If you do not have any of this document, then you can follow the process below to retrieve your WAEC exam number.

Samples of WAEC Examination Numbers

There are two different types of WAEC examination numbers. There are the WAEC SSCE and WAEC GCE numbers.

In Nigeria, WAEC SSCE numbers start with 4 while WAEC GCE numbers start with 5.

The first 7 digits of a WAEC number are the centre numbers while the last 3 digits are the candidate’s seat number.

Below are samples of a WAEC examination number.

4282026056 (WAEC SSCE)

5251219113 (WAEC GCE)

Two candidates cannot have the exact exam number in the same year.

How to Retrieve WAEC Exam Number Online

In 2022, the West African Examination council introduced a portal where previous and current candidates can retrieve their results or print a digital copy of their certificates.

You will learn how to use this portal to recover your forgotten exam number.

Step 1: Visit the WAEC Digital Certificate Portal

The WAEC digital certificate portal is the official portal from WAEC to share or download digital copies of your WAEC certificate. It can also be used to recover exam numbers.

Visit the WAEC digital certificate portal here.

Step 2: Create an Account

You cannot do any transaction on the portal without creating an account.

To create an account, click the ‘create account button’ at the top of the page.

WAEC digital certificate account creation

Click on ‘certificate access’.

WAEC digital certificate access

Fill in your name and other details. Click the signup button when you are done.

waec digital certificate account creation form

You will receive a confirmation email. Go to the email address you enter while filling out the form and click on the confirmation link.

After confirming your email address, log in to the platform with your email address and the password you entered during registration.

Step 3: Start the Retrieval Process

Once you are logged in, click on the recover candidate number button.

retrieve waec exam number online

A pop-up will display asking if you have changed your name since you took the WAEC examination.

WAEC change name

Select an answer and click on agree.

If you selected ‘no’, you will need to enter the new name you changed to. If there was a typographical error on your name during the WAEC exam registration, you need to select no and enter the name exactly as it is on your WAEC result.

Step 4: Fill in Exam Details

On this page, you will be required to fill in details about the exam.

Select the exam year, exam type, gender and date of birth. Every detail you enter must be correct. You won’t be able to retrieve your WAEC examination number if the detail entered are incorrect.

Tick the box below the form, read the terms of use information and accept if you agree.

Click on the retrieve exam number button.

Step 5: Make Payment

You will be charged 3,000 Naira which is equivalent to 12 units for the recovery of your exam number.

Click on yes. Select ‘card’ from the options.

Select your mode of payment from the Flutterwave checkout page and make your payment. 

retrieve waec exam number payment

If your payment is successful, you will receive your WAEC examination number on the next page or via email.

After retrieving your WAEC examination number, you can use it to check your result or get your WAEC digital certificate.

We hope you have learnt how to retrieve your WAEC examination number online. You can also check out our article on how to get a secondary school transcript.

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