How to Get a Secondary School Transcript in Nigeria


A secondary school transcript is an academic record that shows your performance throughout Junior and Senior secondary school.

It is mostly required when you want to study abroad or when applying for a scholarship.

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In this article, you will learn about the contents of a school transcript, how to get it from your school and other useful information.

Contents of a Secondary school Transcript

A secondary school or high school transcript should contain the following;

  1. Secondary school contact address, email and phone number (international format).
  2. Your academic records for each subject in a given term.
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Comments on students’ behaviour
  5. Posts held in school (optional).
  6. Official Seal or stamp of the school.

Why do Colleges abroad Request Secondary/High School Transcripts?

A secondary school transcript is the best document needed to grade a student’s intellect.

Unlike an O’level result that contains only your performance at your senior secondary school certificate examination (SSCE), your transcript has all your performance throughout secondary school.

It also contains records from extracurricular activities you participated in while schooling.

A combination of your transcript and your O’level result gives the admission office of the college you are applying to the exact information they need to grade you before offering you admission.

How much does a Secondary School Transcript Cost?

There is no specific price for a high school transcript in Nigeria as the price varies in different secondary schools.

Most schools charge between ₦20,000 to ₦50,000. Some schools may charge higher or lesser.

In some secondary schools, there’s no fixed price. So you’ll need to bargain for a price reduction.

How to Get a Secondary school Transcript in Nigeria

Visit the secondary school you attended and inform the principal that you need your academic transcript to process admission.

The principal may tell you to go to the bursary office to get a clearance form.

This clearance form indicates that you have cleared all your financial obligations to the school.

If you owed your school after graduating or leaving the school, at this point, you have to clear all your bills.

Once it’s confirmed that you aren’t owing, the fee for the academic transcript will be issued to you.

Pay the fee for your secondary school transcript and get a date for when the transcript will be ready.

It is best to take the phone number of your principal or bursar before leaving the school.

Keep in touch with your contact at the school. When your transcript is ready, you can go and collect it.

In a situation where the state you now live in is different from where you attended secondary school, you can call a family or friend living in that state to help you visit the school.

The school might make it compulsory that you confirm your identity by sending a means of identification, a testimonial to prove that you attended the school.

You may also need to write an indemnity letter before they attend to whoever is representing you.

If you attended more than one secondary school, you need to visit each school to get the transcripts for the classes you attended there.

Immediately you get your original secondary school transcript, you can mail it through DHL to the college you are applying for.

Can I use my Secondary School Result Dossier as Transcript?

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A secondary school result Dossier is a collection of all the results you were given at the end of each term.

Most institutions abroad will not accept this as it can be easily manipulated.

However, you can contact the admission office of the college you are applying to abroad via phone call or email and confirm with them if you can use your dossier as a transcript.

You should only do this if every effort to get your original secondary school transcript has been futile.

Can I use my WAEC/NECO Result in Place of a Transcript?

No, you cannot replace your transcript with an O’level result. In fact, colleges abroad request both documents.

Your transcript contains all your academic records from junior school to senior school while an O’level result contains your performance from only your final exams.

Both documents can not be replaced unless stated by the college you are applying to.

Final thoughts

Do not try to forge your secondary school transcript for any reason. Doing so could prevent you from getting admission or being banned from getting a Visa as forgery is a criminal offence in most countries.

Instead, you could ask for a transcript waiver.

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