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The Side hustle internship programme is designed to equip Africans with in-demand digital skills. 

side hustle internship programme

In this article, you will learn about this internship programme, what it entails and how to apply.

What is the Side Hustle Internship programme?

The side hustle internship programme is a semiannual (twice-a-year) skill acquisition programme created by Terrahq. Terra is on a mission to enable African youths to learn in-demand skills that will give them a competitive edge globally.

This internship programme will last for a total of eight weeks, you can participate online with your computer and the programme is free. However, you will be prompted to pay for your certificate after 3 weeks of participation.

The Side hustle internship certificate has three different packages; 

The basic package costs ₦2,500. With this package, you get a jpeg/png certificate that you can download once.

On the standard package, the certificate costs ₦3,500. This package comes with a PDF certificate, you can download your certificate multiple times and you also get a verification link. The verification link is a link you can add to your website or social media pages. Anyone can click it and confirm your certificate.

The premium package costs ₦5,000 and it comes with everything in the standard package with an addition of a QR code. The QR code allows anyone to scan and confirm your certificate.

After payment for any of the side hustle internship certificate packages, you will get full access to the programme’s LMS dashboard. 

For participants who complete the internship programme, a payment of ₦5,000 will be made to join the Side hustle internship Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a feature in the programme where finalists will join a team and work on real-life projects.

Courses Available for the Side Hustle Internship Programme

Through this skill acquisition and internship programme, students will learn the following skills for free;

  1. Frontend web development.
  2. Backend web development.
  3. Data analytics.
  4. Graphics design.
  5. Product management.
  6. Customer relationship management.
  7. Product design (UI/UX).
  8. Video animation.
  9. Digital marketing and content creation.


You do not need to have any prior knowledge of the course you want to apply for. The only thing you need is a laptop and an affordable internet data plan for online courses.

When the form goes on sale, you need to apply as early as you can. Registration is completely free.

This programme receives a lot of applicants. Upon registration, applicants are added to a group. Each group may have up to 300 applicants. It’s been reported by previous attendants that the best group to join are the first set of groups.

To sign up for this programme, simply visit the registration page here and enter your email address.

At the time of writing the article, registration is not open yet. However, you can join the waitlist to be notified when the programme commences.

Referral Programme

The side hustle internship programme has a referral system where registered students can refer their friends to join the programme.

When you refer 5 people to sign up for the programme, you get 10% off the standard certificate package. Instead of paying ₦3,500, you get to pay ₦3,150.

If you refer 10 people to the programme, you will get free data for the duration of the internship.

When 20 new students sign up for the programme with your affiliate link, you get the free basic certificate which costs ₦2,500 and 1GB of data weekly till the end of the programme.

If you refer 50 people to the programme, you will get a free standard certificate which costs ₦3,500 and 1GB of data weekly till the end of the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our list of frequently asked questions for this topic.

when is the side hustle internship commencing?

There is no specific time yet but we guess it may commence between July and September 2023.

How long does the training last?

The training lasts 4 weeks while the Bootcamp also lasts for 4 weeks. That’s 8 weeks in total.

Will there be an entrance exam?

There will be a test called the baseline test. This test will be conducted to test your abilities before you can participate in the internship programme. This test is usually easy and you can take it multiple times if you fail the first time.

Will there be assignments?

During the course of the programme, you will be given individual or group assignments. You are expected to submit it before the deadline.

Is the Side Hustle Internship Certificate compulsory?

Yes, it is. Every participant must pay for the certificates after 3 weeks of the programme. You have to choose from the 3 types of certificates.

Will I get paid for this internship?

No, you will not get paid. If you are a finalist and you attend the Bootcamp, you will be added to the Side hustle talent pool where you can get a job within 3 months.

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