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Are you looking for how to retrieve your JAMB registration number?

The JAMB registration number is an important alphanumeric number that candidates get after registering with the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This number is important even after JAMB registration; it may be required during the post-admission process and after a student graduates from school.

In this article, you will learn how to retrieve your JAMB registration number if you have misplaced it.

Where to find your JAMB Registration Number

Before you start the retrieval process, it’s possible that your JAMB registration number is within reach but you don’t know where to look. Here are five places to check;

1. Check your Email

During the JAMB UTME registration, candidates are to provide an email address to the JAMB CBT centre officials. After the registration, each candidate receives an email containing the candidate’s name, JAMB profile password and examination number.

Log in to the email address you used to register for JAMB and search for emails with the word “JAMB”, “[email protected]”, and “profile creation”.

Check each email properly to see if your JAMB registration number is there.

retrieve JAMB examination number via email search

2. Check JAMB CAPS

The JAMB central admissions processing system (CAPS) is used by JAMB to automate the admission process into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The JAMB CAPS contains the candidate’s full name, JAMB registration number, JAMB score and other details.

Present and previous JAMB candidates can log in to their JAMB profiles to access their registration numbers.

Visit the JAMB Efacility page. Make sure to switch to desktop mode on your browser if you are browsing with a smartphone.

Log in with your email address and password.

Once you are logged in, click on “check admission status”. See the image below;


On the next page, click on “Access my CAPS”

JAMB access caps

Click on “Profile” to access your JAMB profile. The JAMB profile contains details like your name, JAMB registration number, date of birth, etc.


3. Check your Printouts

If you have a folder where you keep all your school documents, they can come in handy at this moment. Check all the JAMB printouts in your folder for your JAMB registration number.

Some of the JAMB printouts where you can find your registration number are;

  1. JAMB registration slip (you get this immediately after registering for JAMB).
  2. JAMB notification of result slip.
  3. JAMB admission letter.

4. Check your Post-UTME Slip

Another document you should consider checking is your tertiary institution post-UTME slip. While registering for the post-UTME exam at your preferred institution, you will be required to enter your JAMB registration number.

Most times, the JAMB registration number appears on the post-UTME application printout.

If you have your post-UTME application slip, you can check it for your JAMB registration number.

5. Check your JAMB Result

This method might work for you if you purchased the form in the current academic year. After the JAMB UTME examination, the exam body opens a portal where candidates can check their results online or via SMS.

The JAMB notification of result portal contains the candidate’s registration number. You can see how to check your JAMB result on the portal here.

You can also try to check your JAMB result via SMS.

JAMB closes this portal some months after the JAMB UTME exam. If the academic session during the time you registered for JAMB has elapsed, this method will not work for you.

How to Retrieve your JAMB Registration Number

Visit any JAMB office with a means of identification; a NIN slip will be accepted.

On getting to the JAMB office, the following information will be requested from you;

  1. The year you wrote the exam.
  2. Your full name.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Valid means of identification.

After providing this information and paying the sum of 1,000 Naira, the JAMB registration number retrieval process will commence. You will be notified when the JAMB registration number has been retrieved.

Frequently Asked Questions on JAMB Registration Number

How do I check my JAMB reg(istration) number?

Your JAMB registration number can be found on the registration slip given to you after successfully registering on the JAMB platform. If you have misplaced your registration sleep, you can check out five methods to retrieve your JAMB registration method.

How many numbers are in the JAMB Registration Number?

The recent JAMB registration numbers have 12 numbers and 2 alphabets at the end.

Is the JAMB registration number the same as the password?

No, it is not. A password and an email are only used to log in to the JAMB efacility page while the JAMB registration number is used to check results, print admission letters etc.

Is JAMB number the same as JAMB registration number?

Yes, they are the same.

We hope you have learnt how to retrieve your JAMB registration number.

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